Garnet Hill Rolling Backpack

Garnet Hill Rolling Backpack with Easy Handler and Wheels

Rolling backpack is common for traveler in order to move from one spot to others, especially in airport. This kind of backpack is also applied for normal usage to reduce the weight on shoulder. Garnet Hill Rolling Backpack is one of such products which can be found at store or purchased via online. Basic design of this back is similar to others, but you will see handler at the top that can be extended. Several properties imply the functional and capability of this product.

Garnet Hill produces backpack in rolling design for kids. It uses safe material to protect from allergy and enhance the capability. As you know, kids are a little bit unaware when coming into maintenance. They tend to lack of responsibility, so the backpack should be strong enough in extreme situation. What is benefit of backpack from Garnet Hill? Rolling design comes with simple zipper mode as compartment to store books and big object. For pen and pencil, certain part is built to organize them. Kids do not have to worry when having misplaced for their pen or writing utensils. Moreover, the compartment consists of two big parts with enough capability to put more gears when necessary. Another property is mesh pocket at both sides to handle water bottle.

Handler at the top is extended mode, so kids can put backpack at floor then push or pull it when moving from one to another location. Keep in mind that this rolling design comes in handy in plain floor. However, it still need to put on shoulder when going outside. That is not a problem because the backpack is designed with comfortable pad for shoulder and back area. Adjustable strapping makes this backpack easier to adjust the body size. In addition, the designs are varying to give more choices for customer. Well, you can pick one that your children want the most.

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