Dimensions of Jansport Backpack, Knowing Your Options

Dimensions of Jansport Backpack, Knowing Your Options

dimensions of jansport backpack

Knowing the dimensions of Jansport backpack in details can make you understand the type of bag you need. Whether it is the small one, the medium one, or the big one, you can tell from the information about the dimension. And let’s not forget the details of the compartments, whether it has a laptop sleeve or not, and such thing alike. Knowing the details info of the bag can help you make a wise and educated decision about which type to buy.

Most of the Jansport backpacks are quite affordable – less than $50, and you can get yourself a quality bag with long lasting construction (provided that you care for it properly). But you also need to remember that there are a wide array of Jansport types and options out there. Picking one can be a problematic issue for you, especially if you expect a lot from the backpack. The Big Student backpack, for instance, has an attractive array of colors, such as Blue Topaz, Aqua Dash, Pink Mist, and other total of 60 different colors.  It is made of Denier polyester, able to accommodate up to 34 liter. It has padded back panel, S-curve ergonomic shoulder straps, and pleated front pocket.

If you want a little bit variant and mix, feel free to choose the Right Pack backpack, made with the combination of Denier Cordura and suede leather for the bottom. The colors are more plain and basic that the Big Student type but there are different options up to 26 colors, such as Corsair Blue, Desert Beige, Malachite Green, and Black. This type is smaller, able to accommodate up to 31 liter only. It is more straightforward in construction with only one major compartment. It has padded and straight cut shoulder straps for comfy wear. The total dimension is around 28 x 27x 3 cm.

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