Acer Chromebook 15 CB5-571-58HF Cheap Laptop For College

The most recent Acer Chromebook 15 CB5-571-58HF from Acer has to be the largest ever –physically talking. Now we’re being treated to growths in the Chromebook group as we find them evolve from the low-cost 10- and 11 –inch units selling for less than $300, to a newer system with larger displays and even some newer chip like core i3 and i5 chips consistently seen in ultrabooks and superior notebooks. In the Chromebook 15, Acer bumped up the cost and threw in a big 15.6-inch Full HD display and a 5th Gen core i5 –never seen before in a Chromebook. The Chromebook is betting on the biggest display size as well as increased processing power up to now for any Chromebook sold.

First of all, the Chromebook 15 is as large as any Chromebook can get, I can bet we will find Chromebooks that is even larger in the next couple of months. Despite the larger size, it comes with a textured pattern on the other side of the lid and underside, with an economical plastic building. Slick and though much less small as a few other versions, it’s not unlike other budget-favorable, 15-inch notebooks we’ve reviewed.

Feature of Acer Chromebook 15 CB5-571-58HF

The size that is bigger brings along several edges. For example, it’s now possible to get bigger battery thanks to a broader, deeper chassis and a larger screen. Up to now the closest any version has offered when it comes to size is 14 inches in the HP Pavilion Chromebook, which is fundamentally a 14-inch ultrabook loaded with Google’s Chrome OS.

In a Windows notebook, this low level chip may feel a bit overwhelmed, but Chrome shifts plenty of the work to the cloud, letting Chromebooks to offer fairly great functionality in Web browsing, media streaming, and program use. Now, the one potential drawback of the kind of model is the fact that the bigger size and processing power may make some users more conscious of the (perceived) limits of the Chrome OS, but the general functionality is clearly different than smaller Chromebooks but not so distinct from similarly powered Windows systems.

Seemingly, it’s not possible to run our applications, evaluations that are regular on Chromebooks, so we don’t have anything to compare and contrast, but with Intel Core i5, the Chromebook 15 –cheap laptop for college is undoubtedly nimble streaming media and while browsing the Web. This gets rid of the challenge we’ve found in most Chromebooks whose weakest facet is operated in multitasking. For the smaller Chromebooks, as soon as you’ve gotten ten or nine browser tabs open, the operation slows significantly, and in a number of uses. By and large, however, these issues are typical to all Chromebooks but better multitasking abilities are undoubtedly offered by the Chromebook 15. It ought to be mentioned the positives stay, like 6-second boot time and 5-second wake time.

That’s not substantially, despite being twice the 16GB normally allotted to ChromeOS-based notebooks. Google supports cloud storage by offering you a free 100GB of added Google Drive storage (great for 24 months) with purchase of the notebook. This makes lots of sense, given that Chrome relies on Web-connected programs like Google Drive and its own package of complimentary office programs (Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides) for productive work, and uses programs and extensions from the Chrome Store rather than conventional local applications. On battery, the system adds up nicely as compared to the contest with up to 8 hours 40 minutes, which is better than some versions like the Toshiba CB35 or HP Chromebook 11 -B3340.

For the bigger chassis, I was anticipating an adequate interface choice, simply to get a little let down upon recognizing that the Chromebook 15 has the same fundamental interfaces, just like other smaller versions. Over the screen is a High Definition webcam. Indoors, the device boasts 802.11 a/c Wifi, but improves both the rate and quality of the link with a double-band MIMO set up. On the other hand, the bigger chassis allows more room for the computer keyboard. In addition, you get two stereo speakers that flank the system, with quite clear quite remarkable and sound audio.