North Face Backpacks With Laptop Sleeve

North Face Backpacks with Laptop Sleeve in the Available Options

North Face has always been associated with quality, construction, and reliability so it is pretty understandable if North Face backpacks with laptop sleeve are becoming popular options for those active people having to carry a lot of stuff on a daily basis. We live in the technology era where electronic gadgets have become a crucial part of our lives. And having a backpack with the additional slot that can give you a better access to that easiness will definitely be handy and somewhat more efficient too.

Nowadays, it is getting more common for people to carry their laptops around. Who doesn’t do it, after all? That’s why the most popular options of the North Face backpacks are divided between the bags with the laptop sleeve and the bags without. Naturally, when you choose the backpacks with the additional sleeve, it will add the thickness and weight. However, since it helps in creating effective management and easy carry, most people don’t really mind about it. The price may also be different from the one with sleeve and the one without but you can still enjoy the perks even with the extra spending.

If you like simple and basic colors, Borealis backpack for 15 inches laptop can create an efficient management and carry for you. It is black with simple design. The Surge Transit also shares the same basic design and color although it is a bit grayish than the Borealis. If you want to add a little bit of color, with dark and light gray and a little tad of orange-ish accent, the Surge backpack will be your best option. Recon backpack has this nice green army color with a slight black accent, fashionable for your everyday daily need. Kaban Transit or Router backpacks are great for bigger laptops. They are able to accommodate 17 inches laptops. So, which one to choose?

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