Backpack That Opens Like A Suitcase

The Properties of Backpack that Opens Like a Suitcase

Suitcase is bag with handle to take at hand. On contrary, backpack is able to put on back through shoulder strap. Both of them are different, but backpack that opens like a suitcase is a choice to get double capability. People use suitcase to put many things during travelling or journey. Suitcase comes in handy when travelling via plane or car. Backpack is suitable for outdoor activity where you need to bring gear and stuffs as near as possible.

Modern backpack incorporates suitcase properties to enhance the capability. For example, you will find rolling backpack with wheel at the bottom part to use in plain floor. You do not need to put at back when doing in line to get ticket. It is very practical to support such situation then less tense on body. Another property is extended handler at the top to push or pull backpack at ease. The next one is zipper mode that resembles suitcase. These properties create dual function with capability to use at urban and rural travelling environment.

Backpack with suitcase mode for zipper is suitable for travelling. Usual backpack for outdoor activity needs to open from the top. You may not find problem when unload everything in destination. Unfortunately, this is not effective way to take something out of backpack when you are in public. Imagine you are in airport and the important matter is placed at the bottom of backpack. It takes time to get the item and not effective for urban travelling. Well, travelling backpack is able to open as suitcase to reach the deep part without unloading everything. Moreover, this kind of backpack has few straps only for shoulder and waist. You do not want any trouble when put this backpack that strangle with others, right? One of issues is the structure feels less strong than hiking backpack.

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